At Arther Medical, we believe good health and happiness go hand in hand. Maintaining a healthy outlook on life and a healthy body takes diligence. We understand that medical visits may come with elevated cost. That's why we're committed to providing the necessary care you need.

Insurance and Your Medical Care

We accommodate most medical health care plans. Please check with a scheduling representative to determine if we're within your network of professionals.


Family Medicine

Life can be busy. You have a lot of responsibilities – but you still have to take care of yourself. We're here for the care you need, when you need us.


We love kids, and they love us too. We know you'll spend a lot of time with us over the next 18 years – so we make sure it's quality healthcare time.

Good To Know


Important Message For Specialty Providers

Specialty Providers seeking faster, more efficient referral service may fax requests, per patients' IPA, to:

LaSalle - Network Medical Management

Regular Fax: (626) 943-6395

Urgent Fax: (626) 943-6397


Regular Fax: (909) 890-5751

How To Get Refills Fast

Please remind your pharmacy to send your refill requests via e-Rx! You will be refilled quicker and during closed hours and on holidays! Thank you!